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Matrix Network Solutions & consultancy collaborates with customers seeking solutions to remain competitive in a technology rich environment.


Organizations today are looking for innovative engineering solutions that span across the entire product lifecycle to accelerate product development and time-to-market. Our next generation product engineering solutions help product companies achieve competitive advantage by leveraging a distributed global product R&D in all aspects of product lifecycle. The Software Product Engineering team at Matrix Network Solutions provides end-to-end services, including ideation/prototyping, new product development, product re-engineering, sustenance, product testing and round-the-clock support to organizations across the globe. Our Industry solutions, methodologies coupled with a strong team of subject matter experts provide best-in-class solutions to established and emerging enterprises across manufacturing, retail, construction and automotive domains.

Software Product Lifecycle
In today’s high-paced environment for continuous innovation and monetization, organizations are looking for opportunities to setup and leverage a distributed global engineering team for a variety of reasons:
  • Global talent pool
  • Accelerated Innovation
  • Access to local markets
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Optimization of R&D costs
Matrix Network Solution’s Software Product Engineering team can help accomplish all of the goals by collaborating with organizations in any of the product lifecycle stages.

Matrix Network Solution’s Software Product Engineering team can help accomplish all of the goals by collaborating with organizations in any of the product lifecycle stages.


Matrix Network Solutions has delivered world-class Outsourced Product Development for more than a decade. We specialize in mobile, web, and cloud software applications. Additionally, our deep expertise and partnerships with leading partners, enable us to effectively integrate custom applications with your existing enterprise environment.

Matrix Network Solutions business analysis teams bring extensive industry-specific expertise to fully capture both the vision and business requirements for the software product. Our technical analysts consult with your teams to propose proven yet innovative approaches for achieving the performance, functionality and interface requirements. And Matrix Network Solutions UX design teams ensure the UI is intuitive and efficient for achieving business goals. Matrix Network Solutions employs a global delivery model that provides optimal value and superior quality for its clients.

Service Offerings

  • New Product Development
  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Product Reengineering
  • QA & Testing
  • Product Support
  • Product Integration
  • Professional Services

Product Development Methodology

Matrix Network Solutions applies several development methodologies including v-model, waterfall model, and agile scrum-based. The specific methodology for an individual client is decided based on the customer's preferences, the nature of the technical and business requirements and the involvement level of the customer in development.

The following chart highlights the standard development phases included within all methodologies.

Why Matrix Network Solutions?

  • Key partnerships with leading technology providers, enable seamless integration and long-term alignment enterprise software roadmaps
  • Extensive experience consult on key technical decisions like cloud-hosting vs. on premises or native mobile app development vs. HTML 5
  • Experience setting up offshore development centers for multiple clients
  • Highly trained teams with more than a decade of offshore product development experience
  • Round-the-clock support with Onsite, Offsite (US-based), Offshore and Hybrid
  • Faster product development time accelerating time-to-market
  • Post-production support
  • Diverse geographic presence enables hybrid engagement models: onsite, offshore


Enterprise Solutions provide value for an enterprise not just by leveraging technology but also by helping drive business - through best of breed business processes, facilitating staged deployment across global operations to maximize benefits and help manage risk. Enterprise Solution today encompasses industry vertical specific processes as a part of their built-in functionality. As enterprises have similar departments and systems enterprise software is often available as a suite of customizable programs. Matrix Network Solutions offers specialist capabilities and specific knowledge in leading Enterprise Solutions. The company is a Key enabler helping enterprises convert opportunities to the enterprise's advantage –quickly and seamlessly operating within regulatory and compliance boundaries. Some key tenets of an Enterprise Solution today include:

  • Implementing end to end business processes with embedded industry vertical practices leveraging collaborative technologies that are helping connect easily with other business solutions
  • Providing options to deploy solution on shared and hosted models as a service leveraging Cloud Computing technology
  • Enabling integration with mobile and filed applications including PDAs, Smart Phones etc.
  • Embedding the use of pre-built Business Analytics for decision support
  • Providing ease in deployment of solution in a staged or global integrated mode


Maximize Availability, Agility and Predictability

In today's on-demand, 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can have a devastating impact on any organization. To deliver the full benefits of critical applications, companies need the technical expertise, time and resources to manage diverse application environments. But with shrinking maintenance budgets, increasingly complex infrastructures, and limited visibility into applications and their supporting systems, resolving issues can sometimes take too long and result in frustrated end users and lost revenue.

Matrix Network Solutions helps some of the world's most successful organizations effectively manage mission-critical applications to ensure around-the-clock availability. We can help you proactively solve issues before users are affected and react faster to market opportunities. We collaborate to understand your business so we can deliver robust application management solutions that reduce costs, minimize risk, improve ROI, and support your long-term objectives.

Here's how Matrix Network Solutions helps organizations maximize application availability, agility and predictability:

  • Application Maintenance Services are tailored to fit your IT environment and business needs. Our proven methodology includes application support, technical and functional support for existing and ongoing enhancements.
  • On-Demand Services provide a holistic view of your applications, including a scalability assessment, portfolio analysis and sourcing strategies. We set up the processes, organize teams and frameworks for application management, assess existing processes and identify gaps, and deliver reports on each application's contributions to your overall strategy.

From achieving 99.95% uptime and driving online sales growth, to reducing total cost of ownership by delivering application maintenance support, Matrix Network Solutions can help you achieve your business objectives and accelerate success.

Matrix Network Solutions application maintenance services (AMS) processes are tailor-made for maintenance and are not an afterthought of development. Our portfolio-based, consultative approach takes a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services. We collaborate with customers to understand the business domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, and then deliver solutions.

We have a proven methodology for application maintenance including application support, technical, and functional support for existing and ongoing enhancements. We begin with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance. Our years of experience ensure that these maintenance services enhance application stability, lower support costs, reduce total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), and steer continuous service quality improvements.

The processes include building simplified cross-referenced models that document application features. It also helps in mapping business processes to application portfolios, ensuring high levels of business-application understanding.

Matrix Network Solutions benefits

  • Significant reduction of maintenance costs and increased performance
  • Timely release of programs and enhancements
  • Improved knowledge management with tool-based reverse engineering
  • Ongoing alignment with industry trends


Streamline processes, enhance ROI and reduce your TCO – all with enterprise application integration from Matrix Network Solutions.

Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers, they can be readily adapted for future requirements.

Because our global consulting team uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.

Business Process Integration

  • Activity Monitoring
    - Interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive alerts to monitor business processes and services.
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    - To help your company become an efficient, process-driven organization, Matrix Network Solutions offers a rich set of BPM process design, analysis, and optimization and management capabilities.

SOA/ESB Solution

Includes a set of service-bus capabilities to drive service-oriented architecture development and enterprise integration. These help you achieve adaptive, extensible and lower-cost operations.


Matrix Network Solutions Infrastructure Management services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure. Matrix Network Solutions partners with clients to align IT programs and goals with enterprise strategy to deliver solutions that drive business process as well as improve the availability, reliability and performance of data center, network and security infrastructure.

Leveraging its multi-shore capabilities, Matrix Network Solutions combines expert consulting, integration, support and managed services with world-class customer service to help IT organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage risk in the data center.

Our Managed Services offers monitoring, management and administration of the IT environment, it also synchronizes IT with business to maximize business performance; leaving you to focus on the larger issues.

Matrix Network Solutions has every aspect of your IT infrastructure covered. The growing criticality of the IT eco-system in the enterprises today has resulted in multitude of challenges. There is a need to provide 24x7 availability with a diversity of technologies, a multiplicity of applications and rapidly increasing transaction throughput. With the deep understanding of the scenario and keeping in mind the needs of the enterprises, we have developed a comprehensive Managed Services offering.

Business Benefits

We anticipate future growth, understand your business needs and design your IT infrastructure accordingly. The business benefits you gain are:

  • Better control
  • Efficiencies of scale
  • Peak system performance
  • Reduced risk


Network Infrastructure

Many organizations are challenged with enabling their associates to be productive by providing access to company assets in a secure way across multiple devices in and out of the office. Employees expect the same experience level regardless of device, location or applications and it is this expectation that many organizations are challenged to meet let alone exceed. Matrix Network Solutions offers numerous solutions that enable organizations to access company assets in a secure way - no matter which device, type of locations or applications.

Routing and Switching

Most organizations are challenged with building a robust and secure routing and switching architecture that enables their users to communicate, collaborate, and be productive all while being easy to use and manage. For over a decade, Matrix Network Solutions has provided its customers with best of breed solutions that enable users to utilize a robust and secure network infrastructure that is easy to manage and secure. Matrix Network Solutions partners with industry leading providers to offer innovative and value-added solutions to our customers.

Application Delivery Acceleration

While many organizations have launched internal and third party applications through a variety of delivery methods (on premise or cloud), users demand a seamless experience. The challenge for most companies is to deliver a reliable application performance regardless of the deployment model including surges in traffic usage. Matrix Network Solutions has the experience and talent needed to address this critical need with a combination of options including local and global load balancing; creating, managing, and delivering layer 7 services more quickly and at a lower cost; and controlling and optimizing end-user services by differentiating and prioritizing application traffic. Matrix Network Solutions is pleased to offer solutions from partners to support application delivery acceleration.

Web Content Filtering

There's more to security than locking down, tightening up, and saying no. The right security technology, implemented the right way, can open up new opportunities. Increasing numbers of organizations are implementing additional methods to ensure work related traffic does not negatively impact their business or their customers' business. Matrix Network Solutions has the unique ability to provide a variety of solutions that are designed to protect users and organizations by offering comprehensive protection and control over web traffic. This is achieved by enabling the following functions: strong user authentication; web filtering; deep inspection of content for data loss or threats; security checks to a collaborative defense network, inspection and validation of SSL traffic; content caching and traffic optimization; bandwidth management; streaming media splitting and caching; and method level controls per protocol. Matrix Network Solutions offering includes solutions from several industry leading providers.

Network Access Controls

The biggest unanswered question of an organization is exactly how big is their network? This simple, yet challenging to answer question is a necessity in order to provide the appropriate visibility and controls that every organization needs. This challenge is addressed by offering automated security control solutions for all sized enterprises. With Matrix Network Solutions, organizations can accelerate productivity and connectivity by enabling people to access corporate network resources where, how and when needed without compromising security. Matrix Network Solutions enable a sound platform for network access control, mobile security, threat prevention and endpoint compliance to empower access agility while preempting risks and eliminating remediation costs.

DNS/DHCP Management

Many IT organizations have replaced physical infrastructure with virtual machines. Virtualization has increased network capacity and lowered costs, and changed the playing field for many organizations constrained by limited budgets for equipment and staff. Virtualization has also made manual processes nearly impossible to use for managing continuous changes to IP addresses and DNS records. By contrast, automated network control solutions take full advantage of this new technology, and provision virtual devices with lightning speed. Matrix Network Solutions leverages solutions that automate the assigning, mapping and configuring of IP addresses, and are tightly integrated with VMware.

Wireless Access

Wireless access will continue to grow and users expect the same user experience regardless if access is wireless or via a wired network. Constantly evolving standards, multiple devices types, radio frequency interference challenges, distributed applications, coupled with bring your own device (BYOD) trend, are challenging many organizations to find out solutions for their users.
Matrix Network Solutions has taken a fresh and innovative approach to solving the BYOD challenge – one that gives IT unprecedented control and a simpler way to rollout BYOD. From this highly-capable platform, policies based on contextual data are extended across the network to devices and applications. Consequently, IT can manage network policies, onboard and manage devices, admit guest users, assess device health – even secure, distribute and manage work apps – through a single pane of glass, on any network and without changing your current infrastructure. Matrix Network Solutions offers multiple options from partners.

Remote Identity Access Management

The goal of any cyber security policy should be to detect, defend and recover from any cyber-attack. Network visibility and control are vital to enabling a robust and secure environment for users to access data. Utilizing a robust IPS/IDS solution is vital to identifying malicious activity, log information about this activity, attempt to block/stop it, and report it. Using a rules-based engine, Matrix Network Solutions has the capability to provide best in class network intrusion detection and prevention by using extensive analytics, end to end reporting, and enterprise level scalability and reliability.

Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation Solutions

Implementing and maintaining a firewall can be very challenging to most organizations for several reasons. New locations, applications, increasing frequency of cyber-attacks and zero-day threats are all growing in both sophistication and frequency making it very complex and costly for organizations to try and keep up. It can be challenging to ensure an organizations first line of defense, their firewall, is operating at peak performance levels. Matrix Network Solutions offers a solution that includes 24x7 firewall monitoring that can provide your organization with peace of mind at an affordable price.

Email Security

Today's enterprise email security threats no longer consist of just nuisance spam emails. Attackers with malicious intents are increasingly using email as an entry vector through the use of phishing messages. Historically, email phishing was focused on capturing individual account credentials, but recent email security attacks have shown that phishing attacks have a broader target in mind: corporate intellectual property and sensitive and confidential business information. Matrix Network Solutions offers enterprise-level protection that provides the industry's most comprehensive email security threat classification and email security management solution against phish, virus, spam emails, and other email borne malware.


Routing and Switching

Matrix Network Solutions delivers several services relating to routing and switching. These services range from architecture and design services to implementation and ongoing optimization services that are all delivered by industry experts who have delivered these services for numerous clients across multiple verticals. The key goals of these services are design a secure and robust network that will adapt to the ever-changing needs or users and to enable our customers to detect, defend and recover from a cyber-attack.

Application Delivery Acceleration

Matrix Network Solutions enables WAN Optimization, Load Balancing and Application Delivery to remote users. Matrix Network Solutions WAN Optimization solutions help organizations accelerate application performance - allowing them to manage usage and bandwidth needs and set application security levels to align with corporate business requirements. Matrix Network Solutions also provides Load Balancing per device and across multiple sites to ensure faster performance for remote sites, and reliability and failover of mission-critical applications, ensuring business continuity.

Content Filtering

Network Access Controls
DNS/DHCP Management
Wireless Access

Architecture, design, implementation and ongoing optimization services all delivered by industry experts who have delivered these services for numerous clients across multiple verticals.


Application Infrastructure Management

Applications are the life blood of enterprises from which recurring revenues are generated. There are two types of applications critical to enterprises - Infrastructure or Utilitarian Applications and External or Enterprise Applications.

Matrix Network Solutions applications infrastructure management (AIM) services are tailored to ensure that applications are running optimally on the infrastructure in which they are placed focusing on maintaining uptime and optimizing performance.


Application Discovery and Assessment

The first step in applications infrastructure management, is to understand an organization's applications, their purpose and dependencies. Matrix Network Solutions performs a rigorous assessment process which looks at enterprises' applications and maps them to subtending applications and the underlying middleware, database, hypervisor and operating systems software and underlying server/storage/network infrastructure.

Application Infrastructure Design

From this assessment, Matrix Network Solutions develops recommendations to optimize the applications infrastructure environment. Key objectives include the centralization of applications in the datacenter to reduce the cost of licensing and management and deliver greater control over the most effective and efficient use of applications in support of business users and enterprise clients. The design phase also includes establishing appropriate metrics, related thresholds, dashboards and reports to monitor and manage for optimal applications performance.

Application Infrastructure Migration

Application infrastructure migration involves both physical and logical migration of applications and their underlying infrastructure from origination to destination environment. The resulting deliverable is a transformed environment which provides for the optimized architecture going forward. During this phase, the aspects of monitoring and managing the environment are also established.

Applications Monitoring and Management

Following the deployment of the new application infrastructure, ongoing management comes in the form of monitoring, technical support and systems administration services, such as configuring, provisioning and upgrading. These services ensure applications continue to perform optimally, through providing early warning where there might be issues, reporting through resolution of troubles and capturing of data over time which establish a pattern of trends from which infrastructure adjustments can be provided.


Our Database Management Service offerings deliver optimum quality across all key metrics that the client's desire viz. flexibility, reliability, security and performance. We provide best-of-the breed database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres SQL database environments owing to our vast experience and expertise in Database Management Services.

Matrix Network Solutions are firm believers of learning and continual improvement. We have derived keen insights from over thousand support and implementation projects that we have undertaken over the last two decades. We are thus able to deploy a variety of tools and accelerators to provide our clients with seamless, cost effective and highly reliable services.

Our approach to faultless, highly documented best practices based deployments is a benchmark by itself. The testimonials received from our clients and case studies created by us bear strong testimony to our immaculate and perfectionist approach towards every project we undertake.

We are happy to go the extra mile to accommodate client specific requirements. As a result, our services are customized to the best possible level while ensuring absolutely no compromise with regards to deployment of skilled personnel, following of standards and implementation of industry best practices.

Matrix Network Solutions Database Management Services are listed below:

Value Proposition:

  • Assured SLA governed 24x7 support
  • Multi-skilled pool to minimize individual dependency
  • On-demand DBA resource availability
  • End-to-End responsibility with complete project management
  • Enhancing ROI on client's technology expenditure


Keep your IT infrastructure running at optimum performance with our server management

The performance of your critical infrastructure is essential for business productivity and customer satisfaction, but managing servers is a costly and time consuming activity. Should your IT department be diverting their valuable resources to this task instead of focusing on IT strategy and supporting your core business applications? Matrix Network Solutions fully-managed server management solution is designed to take away the pain of managing infrastructure so that your IT department can focus on creating competitive advantage.

Proactive support and management

Data centres and IT infrastructure is our core business; our server management solution includes proactive support, comprehensive server monitoring, hardware and resource trend reporting, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring, alerting and installation services. We have inhouse expert hosting and networking teams that work 24/7 to monitor, diagnose and support servers from the hardware level all the way up to the operating system.

For each monitored server we set up a comprehensive runbook that records the procedures required to administer the system, including contingency handling. Any open support issues are logged in our issue tracking system, with status updates around the clock. Through performance counters and optional agents, we can provide a history of server activity, including disk usage, CPU utilization and network activity.

Key Benefits

Proactive service:

We are able to predict performance degradation and capacity issues, allowing you to take remedial action;

Comprehensive coverage:

We support all major hardware vendors and operating systems

Enjoy virtualization:

We take the additional complexity of managing virtualised environments

Round-the-clock support:

Our on-site teams work 24 hours a day & every day, to make sure that your servers are running at optimum performance;

Service level agreements:

We offer service level agreements (SLA) for added peace-of-mind.


Enterprise Service Desk is the Nerve-Center for Business IT, which plays a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and continuity of IT services rather than just logging and resolving end-user issues. Our Service Desk operations are delivered through a consistent set of tools and processes providing efficient and cost effective IT Services to our customers.

Our IT Service Desk and integrated infrastructure and application operations support team acts as one single entity instead of silos. This provides a single handle, in terms of control, to our customers and also leads to significant cost-savings. Matrix Network Solutions has a diverse experience in transitioning customers from different helpdesks to a centralized service desk which also leads to standardization across enterprise operations.

Following are our service components in IT Service Desk:

  • Self Help
    – An enterprise wide web portal with an enriched and updated back-end of knowledge base of most common issues faced by users that enables users to resolve an incident, create a request, report an incident and review the status of submitted requests etc.
  • First & Second Level Support
    – Provide support for logging, tracking, Resolution and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests. The activities associated with restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.
  • Service Request Management
    – It encompasses all the activities starting from accepting and logging of a service request to request prioritization, request fulfillment and subsequent closure.

Matrix Network Solutions also offers the following services in addition to the core Service Desk services.

  • Executive/VIP Support
    – These services include providing accelerated response to the executive users within the customer organization. This is offered through providing a dedicated or designated team to provide support to VIPs.
  • Global Account Management Automation
    – These services include automation of user provisioning/de-provisioning process using workflow and identity management tools.


Unleash the Potential of the Cloud

The way organizations use and consume IT resources is rapidly changing. Cloud computing and IT as a Service models can increase IT capacity and capabilities instantly-but many organizations do not have necessary expertise to support a journey to the cloud. While cloud computing promises the speed, agility and scalability to drive innovation and lower costs, it helps to have a cloud consulting partner with proven expertise in tailoring cloud solutions that align with your business.

At Matrix Network Solutions, we help organizations transform their IT environments with innovative cloud computing solutions. Through cloud assessment, strategy and capability services, we can help you scale rapidly and capitalize on market opportunities faster.

Here's how Matrix Network Solutions helps organizations accelerate innovation with cloud services:

  • Cloud Consulting
    and Strategy prepares your organization by analyzing and evaluating application and business models, creating a detailed roadmap for your transition to the cloud.
  • Solutions, Engineering and Migration
    ensure a smooth transition to the cloud that includes SaaS and Enablement platforms, testing frameworks, and accelerators for private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud Management and Operations
    maximize your cloud investment's availability, speed and agility and allow your IT team to focus on important business issues.
  • Cloud Broker
    allows IT and telecom services to expand and optimize their service offerings. Our innovative platform helps enterprises converge and manage cloud and non-cloud services; Matrix Network Solutions enables the setup and delivery of Infrastructure as a service.

From using the cloud to implement SaaS products, deliver rapid automation and generate new revenue streams to building, monitoring and managing data centers for cloud service providers, we can help you transition to a cloud solution that fits your business.

Cloud computing provides a highly elastic environment that enables on-demand infrastructure capabilities over the internet to scalable computing resources (networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be deployed quickly with cost efficiency and minimal management effort.

Matrix Network Solutions has end-to-end services in place to reach out potential market with a mix of cloud based services and industry specific solutions. This strategy also includes targeting specific verticals in each of the geographies based on specific needs of the vertical and Matrix Network Solutions strengths in those areas.


E-learning refers to the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. E-learning is broadly inclusive of all forms of educational technology in learning and teaching. E-learning is inclusive of, and is broadly synonymous with multimedia learning, technology-enhanced learning (TEL), computer-based instruction (CBI), computer-based training (CBT), computer-assisted instruction or computer-aided instruction (CAI), internet-based training (IBT), web-based training (WBT), online education, virtual education, virtual learning environments (VLE) (which are also called learning platforms), m-learning, and digital educational collaboration.

We are experts in developing E-learning solutions focused on quality learner experience. We specialize in the design, architecture and development of cost-effective and simple learning management solutions to your E-Learning requirement. Our learning management platforms are stable, efficient and flexible E-learning solutions. Depending on specific needs of each individual requirement, we supply our solutions with a comprehensive set of options for effective content delivery and management. Our solutions will help you to achieve cost effective quality E-learning solutions for your organizations. We have made it our mission to streamline the process of creating learning solutions to ensure the learning process is smooth and hassle free. Our project management approach with best practices will help you to launch a complete learning management system for your organization.

We specialize in offering exclusive E-learning development services, which are tailor made to ensure the success of your training. Some of our E-learning development services, include

  • Learning management system development
  • Live online training
  • Managed E-learning services and LMS
  • Custom theme design
  • User friendly content management system
  • Audio and video materials integration and management facilities
  • Support for various information presentation methods, including text and media illustration

When it comes to

E-learning development
, the choice of the development platform is very important. We carry out E-learning Development on the following platforms:

  • Moodle
  • eFront


Content Management Systems

The content of a website needs to be updated on a continuous basis in order to keep it current and relevant. A web site design can stay unchanged but its content cannot.

Matrix Network Solutions offers you Content Management Systems that are flexible and automated so that you can monitor the content from the time it is created till it is deployed.

Business houses and enterprises are often judged by the relevance and freshness of their website content. Our Content Management Systems have been devised in order to enable the user to create, edit, update and to manage, the web content within the existing structure and design. Our state of the art specialized systems let you change the content without making any changes to the structure of your website.

The systems work on a strong database technology that can facilitate utilization of different applications or of the existing operating system. Our content management systems provide innumerable dimensions and levels in order help you manage the changes in content without any trouble.

The Content Management Systems we offer helps to reduce maintenance costs to a great extent and staff does not have to be specially trained for the job. There are tools available that lets any non-technical staff access and update the content. It is user friendly and permits users post comments on the website thus increasing interactivity and improving internal business activity.


Deliver Products and Applications to Market Faster

In today's 24/7 economy, organizations are forced to get their products to market fast-and ensure they don't have defects. To accomplish this, businesses need a strategic approach to product testing for quality, automation, predictability and cost reduction. This is critical for gaining market leadership, profitability and end-user satisfaction. However, without an experienced testing partner, your products and applications won't meet your customers' needs.

Matrix Network Solutions independent test services automate the testing process to ensure your products and applications fulfill your customers' expectations. Our ROI-based testing approach effectively predicts and manages risks to deliver defect-free results. We use robust processes and superior governance practices to consistently deliver end-to-end, high-quality testing solutions that are flexible, scalable and reliable.

Here's how Matrix Network Solutions independent testing services help you deliver defect-free solutions:

  • Matrix Network Solutions
    methodology is based on best practices established through testing thousands of applications in an environment of continuous process improvement. It manages the testing and delivers measurable and predictable quality to build solutions with a quantifiable ROI.
  • Performance Testing
    begins at the design stage of the development lifecycle. Our approach defines customers' perception of performance, builds performance based on analysis and objectives, and tracks relevant metrics to measure product/application performance.
  • Security Testing
    ensures applications are secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities, application data is secure and applications are compliant with all security regulations.
  • Test Accelerator Kit
    minimizes risks and improves test productivity and predictability, and provides a rich, reusable repository of over 30 proprietary tools, frameworks and best practices.
  • Test and Quality Consulting
    offers expert strategy and planning services as well as tactical delivery for successful implementation. Consultants present a well-balanced and tailored approach using best practices and standards.
  • Test Automation
    is backed by Test Labs innovation hubs for automation solutions built on new tools and technologies. We create and leverage several proprietary frameworks and industry-specific tools that are meaningful for your test automation objectives and suit your budget requirements.
  • Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)
    enables fast deployment of innovative products and services by becoming your test team extension. The TCoE focuses on processes, people, tools, domain knowledge and best practices to deliver comprehensive testing, flexible frameworks, governance models and shared processes.

Matrix Network Solutions offers the tools and services you need to optimize testing and deliver defect-free products.

Managed Testing Services

Value Proposition Managed Testing Services

  • Dedicated test centers for customers
  • Testing lines with tools and technologies
  • Defining test framework
  • Creating test harness
  • Creating test scripts and test data
  • Defining reporting mechanism/system for test runs

Carrying out test runs in various environments


In today's economy, every organization is taking a systematic approach to make their business processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable in order to attune with the varying needs of the customers. We develop deep understanding about the methodologies based on the business process of a Client which is the foundation stone of truly customizable, value-added Business Process Outsourcing services.

What we do

Matrix Network Solutions BPO Services help business users to make radical changes in their existing business processes by deploying solutions with a real-time approach. We possess a steady track-record of rigid execution which helps us in building trustworthiness and clear dignity in the global arena. We have subsequent Business Process Outsourcing Services that catered into:

How we do...

Our capabilities are specifically geared towards the design of customized, scalable solutions that address both the current and future needs of our customers. Our solutions are developed by employing our years-long expertise and domain management experience. We open business values by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Matrix Network Solutions approach to implementation and project management services follow best practices and consist of a number of phases. The duration of each phase is dependent upon the customer's support requirements, required timelines and overall support approach. Following are fundamental steps that we carry out to achieve the objective:

Process Selection
– Identifying and prioritizing the processes.

– Managing the seamless movement of the process to the offshore environment and its integration into existing business operations

Risk Management
– Identifying and mitigating the risks involved in outsourcing and in the offshore environment as well.

- A key phase in the outsourcing life cycle in which we carefully monitor and track the primary dependencies that affect the performance for a given process in the offshore environment.

Ramp Up
- Consequent to the success of the pilot, infrastructure and resources are scaled up to meet specified client volumes.

Business as Usual
- The process is completely set up and operational leading to business as usual.


Looking for a web application development company that has the ability to transform technologies into measurable business gains for you? Well, if innovative, cutting edge

web based application design and development
solutions created by IT specialists interest you, you will definitely find them at Matrix Network Solutions.

With highly scalable web application design and development solutions, our highly skilled web application development team works for a varied array of industries, thereby keeping their business up-to-date.

On the other hand, our innovative web application development techniques include:



§ Java


§ Java Script, VBScript

§ Dot net

At Matrix Network Solutions, our

web application development team
believes that success of any project comes from thorough analysis and specification, a well-established
web development process
, knowledge of the latest technologies, expert management, effective communication, and full-cycle quality assurance.

Needless to say, these are the highlights of our web application development. Most of all, remember, we are not just another web development company, but a team of outstanding analysts who truly realize that success involves a lot more than the mere competence in a specific language or web application development tool.


Providing user Friendly E-Commerce Solutions with Excellence

We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, industry knowledge and methodologies for handling the most complex of technologies in a pushover manner.

Whether you need to build a new online business from scratch or seeking to increase conversion on your existing ecommerce website, we can help you at every step.

We know that, when people are reluctant go out and shop they prefer the online shopping mode, E-commerce naturally has taken precedence over traditional methods of trading. In the wake of a literal revolution that is waiting ahead and the signs of which have already become grimly prominent, we extend to your business the niche advantage of an efficient and comprehensive E-commerce solutions.

The amount of trade over the Internet thereby has seen a phenomenal growth and has a potential to grow manifolds more. Our Ecommerce Solutions has wide variety.

Ecommerce Strategy:
Our unique Ecommerce Requirements Specifications (ERS) (link) methodology.

Conversion through Improved User Experience:
Ensure your site architecture; navigation and experience are optimized for maximum conversion.

Custom Shopping Cart & Ecommerce Website Design & Development:
We adapt the Shopping Cart process; we have experience with all the major platform vendors.

3rd Party Integration:
We ensure your website is an essential and fully integrated component of your business

Our shopping carts boast of the most inventive and pleasant designs that would guaranteed sweep your customers down their feet and facilitate easiest and quickest choice making. Each shopping cart with us is carefully developed to allow user-friendly and intuitive shopping minus the hassles of a heavy website. We endeavor to render online shopping fun for your customers and handling hundreds and thousands of transactions a sure cake-walk for you. The shopping cart we set up for you, the payment gateways we imbibe in your E-commerce system and the most crucial - integration of the payment gateways with your web site- all speak for themselves in terms of the first-rate quality of our services.

Hassle free E- Commerce Solution Since, it is all happening over electronic medium, the chances of fraud are high with any E-commerce site. The part to integrate the site with the payment gateway software is any day vital and essential to ensure safety of transactions. And we do it flawlessly for you in the least amount of time for the most feasible cost.


Inventive Manufacturing Solutions to Increase Capacity without eroding Margins

Today, manufacturers need innovative technology solutions to focus on increasing capacity without eroding margins. They need strategies to accelerate product innovation, gain access to new product markets and collaborate better with suppliers.

Matrix Network Solutions partners with global automotive and discrete manufacturing and pharmaceutical enterprises, to deliver meaningful IT solutions across the value chain.

Our solutions help customers:

  • Develop a ‘single customer experience' across all dealers, by gaining visibility into their operations and standardizing them through dealer management solutions
  • Collaborate better with partners, suppliers and customers to foster internal and external innovation
  • Attract, engage and retain customers through digital marketing initiatives
  • Empower sales personnel to collaborate and make decisions on the move, through mobility solutions

Our deep domain expertise and consultative approach addresses the unique business challenges of customers, across developed and emerging markets.


Boost Retail Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Today's retailers face a new breed of customers-and a new set of IT challenges. With more consumers comparing and buying products and services in stores, online and via mobile devices, they expect retailers to provide fast, consistent and seamless 24/7 service across all channels. And if your organization can't deliver, another retailer is just a click away.

To thrive in this new environment, retailers must find new ways to enhance the customer experience in their stores and online, and respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace. But without emerging technology expertise and a robust infrastructure that connects all customer touch points, many retailers struggle to find ways to strengthen relationships and grow their business.

At Matrix Network Solutions, we help retailers develop best practices and develop a technical lead. By transforming their technology to take advantage of the latest in mobile, social and analytics, retailers can get a full 360 degree view of their customers, and figure out how to best serve them across the entire purchase process. Utilizing a state-of-the-art backend order management system can also improve operational efficiencies to achieve faster time-to-market, improve order fulfillment and encourage collaboration between stores and supply chain partners.

Matrix Network Solutions helps retailers transform their technology through:

  • Store Portal
    , to improve collaboration, inventory and promotions management within and across stores
  • Multi-Channel Customer Engagement
    and Loyalty leveraging social media and gamification
  • Integrated Customer Insights
    leveraging predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location, demographic data to fine tune promotions placement and inventory
  • A platform-based approach to manage multiple brand sites using a single platform to reduce IT development costs and reduce time to market
  • Point of Sale and Mobile Payment

From deploying the best commerce strategies for some of the world's biggest online retailers to helping retail chains through a digital transformation to gain market share, Matrix Network Solutions can help your business retain satisfied customers and gain a competitive advantage.


Full spectrum of Automotive Industry Solutions for Quick ROI & Business Results

Matrix Network Solutions develops long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals for our automotive clients, including manufacturers and suppliers. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company's operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships.

The current automotive industry environment involves shifting market forces to the East; OEM & suppliers sourcing from low-cost countries; energy costs skyrocketing, creating uncertainty of product line changes with the emergence of alternative sources; and a greater reliance on partnerships and project ventures, especially in the emerging markets.

Manufacturing firms that want to compete in such an environment need to operate seamlessly across geographic boundaries to take advantage of supply and demand, and to drive product innovation and customer service. With our experience in best-practices based solutions for the automotive industry, we have played a key role in modernizing enterprise operations to global standards.


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Design Collaboration
  • Customer Service and Service Parts Management
  • OEM Relationship Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Dealer Business Management
  • Vendor Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management


  • Enterprise Information Portal Services
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Rapid Enterprise Architecture Planning
  • Content Management



Schools and colleges continually face the dual challenges of integrating more technology into teaching while also educating higher numbers of students on tighter budgets. Matrix Network Solutions provides E-Learning and Educational Solutions that expand teachers' reach and impact, engage students in on-demand learning opportunities, and manage many of the administrative tasks that have expanded dramatically in recent years.

A business school turned to Matrix Network Solutions to design a solution to handle a substantial increase in online student applications and promote greater collaboration between students and recruiters. Matrix Network Solutions implemented a collaboration portal that has become the community hub for the college, enabling recruiting, learning and connection among both students and educators.

Matrix Network Solutions can work with you to eliminate manual intervention in your student management, recruitment, education and administration processes. Whether you are looking for a packaged enterprise application, a custom solution or a cloud-based solution, we can help you implement them and automate your processes.

Applications & Portals

  • Community portal for students (conducting events, organizing stalls, enabling social responsibility services)
  • Web based collaborative applications (SMS/online messaging/sharing the library etc.)
  • Web based e-learning and Online Library System
  • Designing, development, installation, deployment and training of educational portals
  • Designing online classes, online library management and attendance management
  • Design and develop online exams with e-mail alerts
  • Mobile enablement and development of integrated learning solutions
  • Develop customized products and portals

Business Value

  • Automates time-intensive manual administrative tasks into a collaborative web-based platform
  • Speeds up the pre and post admissions cycle through self-help tools
  • Provides collaborative web portal for placements
  • Enables tablet-based curriculum
  • Empowers online skillset assessment through e-learning
  • Facilitates networking among alumni across the globe
  • Reduces turnaround for day-to-day operations
  • Brings multiple campuses on a single platform
  • Provides visibility into marketing and enrollment process
  • Improves marketing effectiveness to enroll new students


In this era of escalated demand for growth, the engineering, procurement and construction industry faces issues of constant material price fluctuation and shortage of skilled resources. Today, enterprises are increasingly in need of sustainable, faster and safer methods of construction, innovative project delivery modes and procurement practices, as well as interoperable standards within the construction industry.

From leading research and design best practices, to comprehensive and current building codes, regulations and standards, Matrix Network Solutions supports multiple projects and initiatives.

From building material suppliers and construction equipment companies, to investors, architects and contractors, the construction industry faces unprecedented demands.

  • Market planners face increased risks, surplus inventory, and shrinking demand
  • Designers must watch costs while still reflecting the latest technical innovations and industry standards
  • Builders must address changing regulations while trying to find funding
  • Suppliers and purchasers face volatile supply chains

How Matrix Network Solutions Can Help?

Matrix Network Solutions has the critical information and intelligence to help you grow in this tough economic climate. We help you:

  • Identify the best markets to enter and which to avoid
  • Access leading edge research and guidance on industry best practices
  • Meet legal, regulatory, environment and safety requirements
  • Access building regulations/codes, construction standards, technical guidance, and building products data.


Developing sophisticated IT solutions and services for Construction and Real Estate companies

Competing successfully in today's business climate has never been so challenging for organizations in the real estate and construction market. Increased global competition has elevated the need for sophisticated solutions to manage changing consumer demands, global workforce management, information management, compliance adherence, leasing management and much more.

Real estate and construction businesses are under intense pressure to increase profit margins, deliver projects on time, meet clients' requirements, and control operational costs while maintaining growth. Matrix Network Solutions understands the complexities and challenges involved in the real estate and construction business. We partner with real estate owners, operators and investors to help them optimize their technology investments and reduce costs, leveraging best-in-class technologies.

We help companies effectively manage the complete real estate life cycle:

  • Planning and business development – Real Estate Portfolio Management, Marketing & Sales, Opportunity Management, Design & Engineering.
  • Resource management – Materials Management, Workforce Management & Optimization, Equipment & Tools Management, Fabrication & Assembly.
  • Enterprise management & support – Financial, Operational & Workforce Analytics, Financial Supply Chain Management, Financial & Management Accounting, Corporate Governance.
  • Facility management – Contract & Service Level Management, Service Delivery & Operations, Infrastructure Management.
  • Project management – Project Portfolio Monitoring, Planning & Schedule, Project Execution, Contract Management, Project Financials.
  • Subcontractor & supplier management – Supplier Planning & Contracting, Subcontract Management, Expediting & Tracking.
  • Real estate operations – Asset Portfolio, Lease Management, Common Area Management.


  • Portal Services
  • Strategy Services
  • BPR & Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP
  • Project Management

Why Matrix Network Solutions?

  • Years of experience in deploying innovative solutions for real estate and construction companies.
  • Flexible, global delivery model for cost sustainability.
  • High-end technology solutions to ensure streamlined business processes, effective management of business operations, and help companies gain a competitive advantage.
  • Large pool of industry experts who develop business-driven solutions based around cutting-edge technologies for profitable growth.
  • Best of breed solutions that provide greater visibility into current market trends ensuring greater return on investment.


Aging infrastructures. Complex transmission and distribution ecosystems. Stricter regulatory controls and higher consumer expectations. And massive amounts of data. Today's organizations face these challenges and more. But innovative energy and utilities technology solutions can help you address the complexities of consumption while generating new revenue opportunities and putting your best—and greenest—foot forward.

Managing and distributing energy efficiently.

Emerging energy and utilities technology solutions are reinventing the industry—automating and optimizing distribution grids, improving your security and compliance efforts, and harnessing meaningful information to keep costs down. With these advances, you can better serve your customers and grow your business.

You can also enhance your products and services with innovative capabilities. For example, get accurate and up-to-date insights into usage trends with information captured and transmitted from devices in the field. This can help you spot patterns and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Energy usage can vary by the minute or even the second. Near real-time awareness of usage trends can help you balance energy loads while generating cost savings.

With Matrix Network Energy Management technology solutions, you can:

  • Improve forecasting and respond quickly to demand spikes.
  • Expedite data gathering, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Automate services to control operating costs.
  • Enable customers to save energy.